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Client Testimonials

“I am immensely grateful for having the opportunity to do a Panchakarma program with Vishnu Dass and his outstanding team. The level of care, kindness, reverence, and professionalism I was treated with was simply exceptional. In addition, the treatment space was most comfortable and nurturing. Heartfelt gratitude.”

Sabina Dekanski

“I was introduced to Panchakarma, Blue Lotus Ayurveda, and Vishnu by a friend in casual conversation. I felt a deep resonance and followed the energy, without having a clue what I would encounter. After engaging fully in Panchakarma treatment, my body feels the best it has since I was a freshman or sophomore in college… which was 15+ years ago. I also have friends and fellow dancers who know my body well remarking how I “look different,” I feel more toned, and my energy is stronger and more clear. I feel deeply blessed to have experienced the care and tending of Vishnu and his team for a 5-day Panchakarma and absolutely recommend it to others who are feeling “the call.”

Courtney Stiles, North Carolina

“Words cannot express the healing power of the treatments and offerings at Blue Lotus Ayurveda. When went for an Abhyanga Plus Package with Wendy, one of the many skilled Ayurvedic therapists at Blue Lotus Ayurveda, I had been experiencing extreme sciatica due to degenerative and herniated discs, and no matter my efforts, there was no relief for 5 months. Doctors were confused- I was ‘doing all the right things,’ but with no relief. Every part of my life had been affected- I couldn’t sit for more than 10 minutes. I had to quit my favorite activity-rock climbing. I quit hanging out with friends due to pain levels, my digestion was affected due to constantly tightening my core, I couldn’t sleep; even restorative yoga was too much. I had lost hope of getting my life back until Wendy worked magic. I have never felt more cared for, more relaxed, or more rejuvenated. After six months of excruciating pain, I am back to my normal activities, I am not in pain and again finding joy. My hope has been restored. The staff at Blue Lotus Ayurveda are intentional, thoughtful, and genuinely care about their clients and their healing. I have never been able to recommend a healing center enough.”

Ashley Paul, Ayurvedic Health Counselor

“I had an amazing experience with their traditional Ayurvedic massage during a recent detox and cleanse process. It was a beautiful, calming process unlike anything I have ever experienced.”

Zahra Hajiaghamohseni

“My wife and I have made a circuit of Ayurvedic doctors over the past 7 years. Of the half dozen who have worked with me, Vishnu Dass is a breath of fresh air. He is the most helpful, most aware, the best listener, and non-dogmatic in his approach. If you’re considering panchakarma, his staff are sensitive and attuned to your every need.”

Michael Penny
Afton, VA

“Sometimes we get to a place along our path where we leap to the next level — this has happened during Panchakarma. I was ready, you were the catalyst, and my life will not be the same. You have an amazing healing energy that helped make this commitment to a healthy, happy, spiritual rest-of-my-life a goal I can achieve.”

Keith Coffee
Wimberley, TX

“I met Vishnu at a yoga teacher training. I was fascinated with Ayurvedic medicine and wanted to learn more. I began seeing Vishnu and learning more about a different way of looking at the body and how to attain health. I feel confident that Ayurvedic medicine can successfully treat my current and future illnesses while doing no damage to my body. Vishnu has taught me how to look at my body differently, teaching me about the doshas and how to best keep my constitution in balance. I look forward to learning more and working with Vishnu throughout my life as my needs and my family’s needs change.”

Kelley Wolfe
Asheville, NC

” had done many kinds of body work and pursued several programs, workshops and books in an all-out effort to restore the great health and outlook of my past. I ran across the Ayurvedic path and it immediately resonated with me –individualized diet and lifestyle counseling, the component of moving spiritual energy through the physical body… Within a week after our first phone consultation, using the herbal constitutional tea and eating only the foods you recommended for my ‘dosha’, my whole body and outlook shifted. I had all kinds of energy I had not had in years and within 6 weeks I had lost 20 pounds.”
“After the Panchakarma cleansing and rejuvenation program with you, and the yoga program and new cooking skills with which I came home, I can honestly say I feel like I did (probably even better) as a happy, balanced teenager, able to make clear decisions and experience that freedom that comes from ‘clean’ living!”

Adele Steele
Atlanta, GA

“I came to Vishnu with some tricky health problems that, even with a long history of holistic/health-conscious living I wasn’t able to get to the root of. After several months on his program, my whole body moves lighter, clearer and stronger and I wake up every day feeling like I’m 25. At age 40, that’s saying a lot. In fact, there are many days back when I was 25 that I didn’t feel nearly this good. Ayurveda has brought balance, not just physically, but has balanced and deepened my spiritual experiences as well.”

Katherine Caldwell
Mars Hill, NC.

“I feel very thankful to have resources such as Vishnu Dass and the Blue Lotus Ayurveda Clinic. Vishnu Dass is not only a caring and concerned health practitioner, but I consider him a master of the science and art of Ayurvedic healing. He is a great listener and I have benefitted a lot from his counsel.”
“The Blue Lotus Ayurveda is a wonderful place to receive treatments. The staff caters to all of your needs. It has a peaceful, healthful, and loving environment. I would go much more often if I lived in the Asheville area, but it is well worth the trip. I wish everyone could experience the bliss therapy!”

Molly Mullin
Greensboro, NC

“After an entire winter of illness with one flu after another and seven trips to doctors my immune system was exhausted and my MD saying, ‘It’s tough when no one can figure out what’s wrong with you.’ In my first appointment at Blue Lotus Ayurveda Vishnu Dass said, ‘I know exactly what’s wrong with you and how to fix it.’ One week later I felt better than I had in months and cruised through the next year’s flu season unscathed. Vishnu has a deep understanding of Ayurvedic Medicine and I have found his treatment to be the most holistic I’ve ever experienced, truly focused on bringing body, mind and soul into harmonious balance. He is an inspiring, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who walks the talk of an ayurvedic lifestyle. Blue Lotus Ayurveda is a place that exudes peace and ancient wisdom, a great place to shop for top quality herbals, Indian grocery items, books, music and supplies for various aspects of yoga practice. All treatment is expert and customer support excellent, respectful and timely. I wholeheartedly and gratefully recommend all services this center has to offer. “

Susan Tulip
Hendersonville, NC

“I first came to Blue Lotus Ayurveda desperate, very desperate, for healing. I had tried many things over the past several years to get to the root cause of why I had become sick with “fibromyalgia,” nerve pain, memory problems and brain fog, depression, digestive issues, allergies to everything, skin rashes, and various other symptoms… During my first consultation, Vishnu seemed extremely knowledgeable and thorough as he so patiently listened to my complaints and history, even though my situation seemed so complex. I had an instinctual feeling I was in the right place with the right people. Both Vishnu and Yol have been as patient, kind, and personable with me during all of my monthly follow-up visits. My calls have always been promptly returned with knowledgable information and some sort of solution, some hope. I believe Vishnu and Yol are truly concerned about the wellbeing of the people for which they provide excellent programs, education, and services, not just about running a business or earning a living.”

Christina Judd
Atlanta, GA

“Many years of an unhealthful diet and life style led me to several doctors of traditional medicine who then prescribed a pill for each diagnosis. My body then sank deeper into an unhealthful state. During a yoga teacher training course I met Vishnu Dass. I soon began an Ayurvedic diet and life style. I trusted in Vishnu because of his non-judgmental nature and his enormous wealth of knowledge. I am so thankful I did. Ayurveda saved me. I am no longer on any prescription medications. I am 53 years old and healthier now than at any other time in my life. I trust in Blue Lotus Ayurveda. They promptly return my calls, answer any and all questions, and make adjustments when needed, always in a compassionate manner.”

Sheila P. Wenzel
Jamestown, NC

“I have been treated by Vishnu Dass over several years and I have had relief of many symptoms following his treatment. Vishnu and his therapies have been very healing for me. I have found that Vishnu listens and adjusts his therapies accordingly.”

Andrea Stolz, RN
Asheville, NC

“My life has been truly enriched by the knowledge of Ayurveda, both as a student and a client of Vishnu Dass. Vishnu’s treatment has made a huge difference in my life. Now I look at the body from a different perspective and it is an incredible complement to my yoga training. Vishnu is a very supportive, non-judgemental practitioner that helps me wherever I am in my healing process.”

Beverly Moore, yoga teacher
Tryon, NC.

“Studying Ayurveda with Vishnu Dass has opened a window to better understand my body. This class is invaluable to anyone in search of balance, wellness and spiritual growth.”

Brian O’Grady, yoga instructor
Mars Hills, NC

“The Ayurveda classes, along with my treatment with Vishnu, have opened up a world of knowledge for me about this ancient science of healing and life. I wish that this invaluable information was more mainstream in our western culture because not only is it a healing modality, but it is a way of life and can be a spiritual practice. Thank you Vishnu!”

Shannel Vaughn
Asheville, NC

“Vishnu is a wealth of knowledge of Ayurveda that will definitely enlighten you as to your state of health –mentally, physically and spiritually. I am looking forward to continuing the knowledge I have gained and following the path of Ayurveda with Vishnu. Thank you for all that you give of yourself and your knowledge!”

Trini Sampson
Johnson City, TN

“I come to Asheville from Atlanta at least once a year for Panchakarma, and usually arrive burned out and so ready for the week of cleansing/detoxifying, relaxing, comforting treatments and care – and food fixed by Vishnu. The personalized treatment plan addresses every level of whatever is out of balance at the time, and I leave restored, rejuvenated and very appreciative of the deep results of the week’s work. Vishnu has worked with my Atlanta doctors’ plans and concerns. If I had just done as Vishnu has prescribed for nutrition and lifestyle, based on my Ayurvedic “type”, I wouldn’t need any other doctors! The relationship personally and professionally is one that makes you feel the that you are a real part of this family that is blessed with and shares their warmth, wisdom, humor, and sincerity.

The Customer Service and Care provided by Yol and Vishnu are incomparable! Vishnu arranges phone consultations with me when I cannot get to Asheville, and Yol always cheerfully, compassionately, and speedily gets messages to Vishnu, and products in the mail. She is also a wealth of health information! The classes they provide are phenomenal and really supportive for those of us who want to apply the priciples of Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition.”

Adele Steele
Atlanta, GA

“Vishnu Dass is very knowledgeable in the realm of Ayurveda. He teaches with enthusiasm and a sense of humor, making an adventure of the study of this vast and complicated system. As a practitioner, Vishnu accepts me where I am in my healing process without judgment. He has been great at helping me find the best way to fit Ayurvedic therapies into my life in a way that does not seem overwhelming.”

Rosemary Lackey
Asheville, NC

“Ayurveda has taught me to maintain balance and vitality in my life through diet, lifestyle management, meditation and yoga. It is profound!”

Kachina Davine
Asheville, NC

“Blue Lotus Ayurveda provided me with the missing link in herbalism—a way to understand how people are uniquely different from each other and how to customize herbalism to fit their individual needs. Ayurveda is a vast and fascinating study that just makes sense in this world of one size fits all.”

Rachael Giesenschlag, herbalist
Asheville, NC

“I’ve gained a better understanding of Ayurvedic principles and how they can be incorporated into my everyday life to help me live in a balanced and healthy way. It has helped me to better understand the processes of our bodies and how our bodies are capable of naturally healing, and that we can live a long, healthy life. I have also come to realize more deeply how what I think, do, say and eat affects my physical, mental, and emotional states right down to the cellular level.”

Eric Hartford
Asheville, NC

“Vishnu Dass’s encyclopedic knowledge and commitment to Ayurveda as a health science are matched only by his love for it as a healing art.”

Patrick McCormick, musician and student of herbalism
Asheville, NC

“The classes opened my mind and I find myself thinking and talking about Ayurveda frequently. It is evident how very passionate Vishnu is about Ayurveda. I was completely engrossed in every class.”

Shelly Johnson, artist
Asheville, NC

“I’m here to testify that my experience studying at Blue Lotus was pure delight. Vishnu’s teaching style, curriculum, and intimate setting contributed to profound learning for me. The weekly schedule, with occasional weekend outings/workshops, kept me engaged with the subject and my fellow classmates.
As I have continued my studies in Seattle, in a much more academic fashion, meeting less often, I realize how grateful I am for my studies with Vishnu Dass. Thank you for a heartfelt and authentic introduction to the study and practice of Ayurveda!”

Suzanne Gordon
Seattle, WA

“Vishnu Dass’s understanding of the science of Ayurveda is communicated on so many levels during lectures and seminars… For a subject matter so profound and complex, his simple, organized, straightforward approach helps keep it all manageable. Thank you for the opportunity to learn so sacred a science!”

Dawn Crowley, RN,
Asheville, NC