In Ayurveda, there are a wide variety of herbal medicated massage oils known as siddha thailams. The process for making these specialized oils is quite lengthy and can take many hours to several days, depending on the specific recipe used. The classical Ayurvedic medical texts contain an extensive array of traditional oil recipes used for a wide variety of medical conditions. These oils are a key aspect in both the deep detoxification and rejuvenation process known as Panchakarma, as well as for daily use for maintaining optimal health.

At our clinic, Blue Lotus Ayurveda, in Asheville, NC we use 100% organic oils prepared in a time-honored tradition observed in Kerala, South India. Kerala is famous for its rich heritage of Ayurvedic medicine, most notably it’s fragrant and potent herbal-medicated massage oils.

The process of making an Ayurvedic Thailam starts with the preparation of an herbal decoction which is reduced to 3/4 of its original volume. Then this decoction is strained and cooked down further with an equal amount of a chosen base oil, predominately sesame, but also coconut and other oils may be used. In recipes such as the Ksheerabala Thailam, fresh milk is added, along with the herbal brew, in order to yield a deeply nourishing and soothing effect.

Once a medicated oil has been sufficiently prepared, all moisture will have been evaporated off. Each and every drop of the remaining oil is then infused with the potency and plant-intelligence of the chosen herbal formulation. These medicated oils are silky, rich, and exquisitely fragrant.

The video links below are of our oils being prepared over a wood fire in Kerala, India. Each video shows a different stage of the preparation process as described above.