Blue Lotus Ayurveda, out of Asheville, NC, is a locally owned and operated Ayurveda and Panchakarma clinic, which has served our local community since 2001. We strive to provide a “village style clinic” model. Vishnu Dass first broke the ground for Ayurveda here in 2001, helping to educate and share Ayurveda with those interested in this ancient science of health and healing. After more than two decades of private practice, Blue Lotus Ayurveda has become a well known local and regional refuge for those seeking respite, deep healing, and rejuvenation.

Our intention is to maintain this”village style” clinic approach, so we can provide the best individualized care possible to better support each client in a way that best suits his or her specific needs. We are also profoundly grateful for our highly trained staff of Panchakarma therapists, many of whom have served Blue Lotus Ayurveda since the early years of our practice.  

Traditionally, the deep detoxification program known as Panchakarma was not simply ordered off a menu of services, but timed carefully by a Vaidya, an Ayurvedic physician, according to the most appropriate timing to assure success of treatment. We take great care in following this approach, and this is why we work with a limited number of Panchakarma participants at any given time. This way, we can adjust the course of treatment, based on the clients needs, as the healing process unfolds. For over two decades we have observed that this method yields optimal results. With this in mind, we have chosen not to expand our practice in a way that decreases this level of care and oversight. We value the preservation of quality in the services we provide, while maintaining the integrity of the tradition. 

For those wishing to benefit from Ayurvedic treatments on an ongoing basis, we provide a variety of Rejuvenation Therapies, Rasayana Day Spa packages and Ayurvedic Get Away Retreats designed for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Please see our list of services and feel free to email or call us for more details if needed.